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Cigar Care 101

Each Cameroon Lounge location utilizes cutting-edge humification technology to care for our cigars.

There are 2 Main types of Humidity Technology, and several big differentiators:

  1. Warm Mist
  2. These generally boil water using heat, then blow the warm mist into a room. They're generally inexpensive, and only cover a small square footage.

  3. Cool Mist

There are 2 main technologies within this category:

  • Evaporative Wick
  • Think big fan blowing over a water tank. This is what most cigar lounges use, and it does work–just not well. These disperse larger, less-consistent water droplets which don't stick to the air very well.

  • Spray Nozzle
  • A step in the right direction. These are generally plumbed in, and spray a fine mist into the air, much like your water hose's mist setting. The droplets are still large, and don't dissolve into the air easily. (Most high-end cigar lounges use these)

Then there's our technology:
Our systems use vacuum pressure to evaporate the water into a 1µ-4µ (micron) cool vapor, which easily sticks to the air. That means your cigars are in humid, temperature-controlled air, and never, ever have standing condensation on them. Cigar care: it's what we do best!

Want to learn more?

Click Here to watch a short video on cigar care!