The Cutting Edge….

It’s a storied debate in the cigar world: which cutting method to use for your prized cigar! Let’s boil down the differences–and similarities–between our options!

For the sake of this article, we’re going to focus on the three most prolific cigar cutting methods: the punch, the v-cut and the straight cut. Every B&M you visit will have these options available, and most amateur aficionados will have them ready at home, too!

Straight cuts are, by far, the most popular. Everyone’s seen them, and most cigar smokers use them daily. Straight cutters are durable, and can be used with any cigar shape or size. When properly used, the cutter will remove a portion of the cap, allowing the smoker to enjoy what lies beneath.

V cutters function similarly; an angled blade chops a v-shaped notch out of the cigar’s cap, allowing smoke to pass through. This method looks cooler, sure; is it any better? V cutters provide most of their value in their ability to preserve the structure of a cigar. While straight cutters can crunch the end, or cause cracking along the wrapper, most v cutters take a small, but effective, notch out of the middle of the cap–thus protecting the structural stability of the cigar.

Punch cutters, on the other hand, offer structural, and flavorful benefits to the cigar smoking experience! Generally, the punch cut proves to be the least intrusive, and prevents loose tobacco from falling out. Additionally, many smokers attribute a better smoking experience to the punch cut, since tar buildup is held in the cap, rather than the smokers’ mouths!

Now that you know your options, tell us your preferred cutting method!