September 10th, 2021

September is just around the corner, and the wonderful US lawmakers circa 2007 deem it:

To celebrate, we’re offering special flights during the month of September:

  • Heaven Hill Flight – $12 for flight-only, $20 for flight + Magic Toast Toro
    • Evan Williams 1783
    • Larceny Bourbon
    • Elijah Craig Bourbon
  • Jefferson’s Flight – $20 for flight-only, $35 for flight + Highclere Castle Victorian Churchill
    • Jefferson’s VSB
    • Jefferson’s Reserve
    • Jefferson’s Ocean Voyage 20

Additional product will be available from both of these distilleries during the month of September, and will be available while supplies last!

Try the flight next week, and scan this code at checkout for $1 off!

New/ Returning to the bar this week:

  • Basil Hayden Toast (BRAND NEW BOURBON)
  • Citadelle Gin
  • Elijah Craig Barrel-Proof
  • Wild Turkey Rare Breed
  • Bold Rock IPA

See everything on-tap right now! (Click Here)

On-Tap Soon Beer:

  • 13 Stripes Not My King Lager
  • Hi Wire Pink Lemonade Sour
  • Holy City Pluff Mud Porter
  • Hi Wire Bed of Nails Brown
  • Coast Oktoberfest
  • Steel Hands Guava Hefeweisen
  • Bell’s Oktoberfest

New/ Returning to the Humidor this Week:

  • Dunbarton Re-Stock!!
    • Brûlée Toro
    • Sobremesa Cervantes Fino
    • Mi Querida Ancho Corto
    • Sin Compromiso Intrepido and No. 5
  • Room 101 10th & 12th Anniversary
  • LFD La Volcada
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