DTT STFU!!! Sampler Live Steam!

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In-case you hadn’t heard, when Saka released the Sobremesa Brûlée, a hearty portion of controversy accompanied it onto retailers’ shelves!

The eternal debate: is it sweet-tipped, or is it not?

In his ever-so-witty fashion, Steve Saka followed up consumers’ quest to discover the truth with an epic, blind sampler: enter STFU!!!

I am tired of telling people that Sobremesa Brûlée is NOT sweet tipped, many agree, but others do not believe me. So how do I prove a negative? Simple, I let you taste, compare, contrast and decide for yourself. Included [in the sampler] are 5 identical cigars of the Brûlée blend with the only difference being there are 3 versions included: Unadulterated aka normal Brûlée, sweet tipped and double sweet tipped. But here is the catch: I am not going to tell you which is which until September 15th, 2020 via Facebook live on our DTT page. So smoke ’em, debate about it and decide for u’rself!

Steve Saka – Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

So what are we doing about it? Each day next week, Patrick and I will sit down, smoke one of the sampler cigars, and debate which is which! Tune in on YouTube, or in the embedded video below!

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