2020 Alec Bradley Shamrock

The 2020 Alec Bradley Shamrock is available now in singles and boxes of 10!

2020 Alec Bradley Shamrock

Purchase them online for $112.50 by Clicking Here! After April 30th, prices go back to $125!

The Shamrock is a gorgeously-wrapped 6 x 50 barberpole with three different wrappers:

  • Honduran Candela
  • Habano Maduro
  • Habano Seco

The filler remains an international mystery….

This cigar is both decadent and rich, with a subtle complexity derived from its triple-wrapped construction. The candela wrapper adds buttery-smooth notes of earth, while the Habano Maduro and Habano Seco add body and intensity into the mix.

After smoking this year’s release, we can definitely suggest grabbing a box before we sell-out! After that, you’ll have to wait until next March!

If you’re free, join us March 17th for a Longest Ash Contest, featuring the Shamrock’s sister-cigar: the Filthy Hooligan! While you’re there, don’t miss your opportunity to try the 2020 Alec Bradley Shamrock–they won’t last long!

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